Do you have the process and tools in place for proactive symptom management?

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

As the leading oncology-specific Patient Relationship Management platform, we talk to cancer care providers on a regular basis to determine how we can best help them meet their goals. We are working to improve our existing tools and also look to the future and anticipate what will be needed next, but that’s not always clear. We know from talking to … Read More

New study finds that symptom management pathways result in cost reductions

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

A study published in the Journal of Oncology Practice identifies tools to reduce costs The authors of the study, titled “Reducing Cancer Costs Through Symptom Management and Triage Pathways,” analyzed data from two practices that utilize Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management platform to deliver patient-centered care. They found that the use of the platform’s triage functionality together with its symptom … Read More

Value-based care: an update from Dr. Ray Page of Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

A recent event hosted by AJMC’s Institute for Value-based Medicine focused on advancing quality in oncology care, the speakers included Dr. Ray Page of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Page and his practice have led the way in the move to value-based care. His practice has been participating in pilot programs like … Read More

24-hour support for cancer patients can make a huge difference, but is it feasible? One cancer center explains how they did it.

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

Our team recently returned from the Association of Community Cancer Centers’ National Oncology Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference’s sessions covered a wide range of topics, many familiar for practices who have been navigating the best path forward in value-based care over the past couple of years. Several cancer care providers shared lessons learned about what they are doing to … Read More

The Importance of Personalized Communication for Cancer Patients

Stephanie GingerPatient Engagement, Patient Relationship Management

A recent study published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network titled “Determinants and Outcomes of Satisfaction With Healthcare Provider Communication Among Cancer Survivors” examined the impact of communication on cancer patients. They found that patients who were more satisfied with the communication with their care team experienced better outcomes. They found that effective, tailored communication can “improve … Read More

Are you attending ACCC’s National Oncology Conference?

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This conference includes speakers who will address the dramatic changes in healthcare, technology, and other challenges facing oncology programs and practices today. As we move forward, innovative solutions will be needed to better coordinate care, contain costs, and operate more efficiently. To learn more about how Navigating Cancer’s technology is doing just that, visit us in booth 308 at the ACCC … Read More

The only platform linked to EMR data and PROs

Stephanie GingerMedication Adherence

Our technology can both push and pull targeted information for maximum impact What is different about Navigating Cancer? As the leader in patient relationship management technology for cancer care we are uniquely positioned in the care model and we are passionate about transforming the way providers, payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other healthcare partners deliver patient care through the improved use … Read More

Ambulatory Rapid Response Identified as Key Attribute for High Value Cancer Care

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

Still not sure about the most effective ways to deliver high quality cancer care while lowering costs at the same time? A recent study from the Stanford Cancer Institute published in JAMA Oncology titled, “Critical Lessons From High-Value Oncology Practices” identified 13 attributes that differentiated high quality practices with low spending from other practices. Of those 13, an expert oncologist … Read More

For providers, the path forward in value-based cancer care is complicated. Here are three strategies to implement today.

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

So value-based cancer care has arrived. Even with added resources and funding, early participants in value-based programs like the Oncology Care Model are already facing the complexity of reducing the cost of cancer care. With so many factors contributing to the cost of cancer treatment – many outside the control of the care team like drug prices, comorbidities, disease progression … Read More

Minnesota Oncology Partners with Navigating Cancer

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management

Minnesota Oncology, an affiliate of The US Oncology Network and leading cancer care provider, selected Navigating Cancer’s software platform to enable proactive care and remote support for its patients. The practice will leverage the Patient Relationship Management software to centralize its triage and improve patient care. Read the press release.