An important resource for cancer patients? Other patients.

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

Last April I wrote about a study that looked at barriers to medication adherence. It concluded that peer-to-peer support can have a positive impact for patients and help them stay on treatment. It caught my eye because Navigating Cancer’s mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients and one of our primary areas we focus on is connecting the … Read More

The Potential of Pathways for Symptom Management

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

Clinical pathways are one of the main tools employed across health care to manage quality and consistency. They provide practitioners with the tools they need to ensure standardization and deliver efficient, organized, and evidence-based care for every patient. Pathways also reduce the variability of how patients are treated. In cancer care, clinical pathways have been mostly comprised of treatment guidelines … Read More

Give Patients the Tools They Need to Engage

Stephanie GingerPatient Engagement, Patient-centered Care

Navigating Cancer surveys patients using our patient relationship management tools on an ongoing basis. Here is a summation of what they told us between July and September of 2017. The comments they provided are too numerous to include here, but are largely focused on how important access to information and education is to them and their satisfaction with their care. … Read More

A Patient-First Approach: Meet Patients Where They Are

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

In the world of software development, “mobile-first” is a concept that some companies use as a guiding principle. That means developers consider the mobile user first, designing applications suitable for a small screen with limited detail and then add features and more complicated design elements as the device dimensions get larger. It’s gaining traction as more and more people have … Read More

Innovative practices become first in the country to earn NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality by developing quality standards and performance measures. NCQA’s Oncology Medical Home Recognition program is built around putting the patient first, emphasizing team-based care, coordinated delivery and creating a close relationship between the patient and their care team. As a company built around similar goals, we … Read More

The Importance of Community-based Cancer Care

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At the recent Community Oncology Alliance Conference, one session explored the question “Why does the site of cancer care matter?” Community oncology clinics are closing or being acquired by hospitals at a swift pace and they are looking hard at the reasons why that’s the case, what makes sense financially and how it impacts the patient. It was argued that … Read More

Partnering for better healthcare technology solutions

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

A recent article in Fierce Healthcare titled, “Health technology startups and innovators: Ignore physicians at your product’s peril” outlined the possible reasons that many healthcare related technologies miss the mark, fall flat or are never adopted or integrated into workflows in a meaningful way. It cited the cost of physician time as a big reason that crucial stakeholders aren’t usually … Read More

NCCN Foundation Board Names New Leadership

Stephanie GingerNews, Patient-centered Care

Gena Cook, Co-Founder and CEO of Navigating Cancer has been named Chair of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Foundation Board of Directors – we’re excited about Gena’s expanded role with this important organization that is devoted to patient care, research, and education. “Since its inception, the NCCN Foundation has been providing one-of-a-kind guidelines to patients and their loved ones to … Read More

Congrats to the Cancer Center Business Summit Innovator Award Recipient

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

This year’s Cancer Center Business Summit was held over two days and was aimed at sharing “initiatives to re-imagine, re-design and re-build our system of cancer care delivery into the ‘value-based’ system of the future – focused on delivering care more efficiently, in a more patient centered way, and improving patient outcomes and survival rates.” Those goals were evident in … Read More