Digital Technology and Brand Planning

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Many individuals consider “digital” a channel when it’s not – it is however, a capability that all communicators should have. Just about everyone in the US uses some sort of digital communication, with internet penetration around 80% of the population.  When you also consider that, worldwide, 34% of people are either under 14 or over 65, you realize that almost … Read More

The Navigating Cancer Community

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At Navigating Cancer, we believe that it takes a community of people to help support a cancer patient.  Cancer is a scary disease.  It’s overwhelming to the patient, and to their family and to their own community of friends and family who feel so helpless. That’s why we’ve built Navigating Cancer, to help support cancer patients, to support communities and … Read More

Patient Portals Help Deliver Patient Engagement

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Patient Engagement is not just the new buzz word in healthcare, but it is here to stay.  Healthcare providers do not need to look far to find examples.  HITECH Meaningful Use, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Patient Centered Medical Home, and Commission on Cancer standards are proof that patient engagement will be required in the new care model.  These new models … Read More

10 Tips to Marketing Your Patient Portal to Your Patients

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Now that you have a patient portal, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your patients aware of this new service. Patients will want to use this new service, but many will look to you, their healthcare team, to guide their usage.  Your promotion of the portal, telling your patients how important it is and how you will care … Read More

Time Is Running Out – Find a Patient Portal now!

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Patient engagement is quickly becoming a requirement, whether it’s for HIPAA, HITECH Meaningful Use, Medical Home, or Accountable Care Organizations; Clinics are struggling with decisions on how to meet all these requirements.  Providers are juggling many balls while operating an oncology practice and face many decisions being made under duress. Among those decisions, providers should find a solution that is … Read More

What Patients Say About Their Navigating Cancer Patient Portal

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There is a lot of talk about patient portals in the news.   Practices need to provide patients with online access to their parts of their health records to meeting healthcare reform requirements.  Now that practices are providing this service, we wanted to share what patients are saying about having access to a patient portal. From a recent survey of over … Read More

Better Clinical Outcomes and Lower Costs Proven with Patient Engagement

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It is universally accepted that we have an unsustainable and broken healthcare model. It’s also becoming more and more a priority to engage patients in the their care as a way to improve healthcare. New Rules Require Physicians To Provide Patient Engagement Many providers today are worried about what’s required for them tomorrow, that it’s difficult sometimes to look up … Read More

Releasing Health Information to Patients: My Observation in the Changing Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals

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What an interesting year it’s been as oncology practices started releasing health information to their patients using the Navigating Cancer patient portal. I witnessed a significant shift within clinics as their initial apprehension grew into a sense of relief and achievement. This was apparent while working with individual clinics and across the board with all portals launched in 2012. Considering … Read More

Patient Engagement and the Patient Engagement Framework

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One of the many aspects of healthcare reform is the concept of patient centered care, whether it’s HITECH, medical home or accountable care organization.  To provide patient centered care, healthcare professionals must engage with their patients and provide tools and resources to their patients. About the Patient Engagement Framework The Patient Engagement Framework is a model created to guide healthcare organizations in developing … Read More

Patients Receiving Education Through Portal Technology Validated By Recent Survey

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With healthcare reform, specifically HITECH and Meaningful Use, healthcare providers are now giving patients access to parts of their health record.  This started for some practices in 2011 but it’s becoming commonplace in 2012.  About 20% of practices are providing online access for their patients via a secure patient portal, the majority of practices are printing out clinical summaries and … Read More