The Rise of PROs

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Cancer care is becoming value-based. Evidence of this evolution is widespread, from the rise of the oncology medical home and the Cancer Care Payment Reform Act H.R. 1934, to successful payer pilots such as UnitedHealthcare’s episode payment model and the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Patient Care Connect Program. In this changing landscape, the interests of cancer patients and healthcare … Read More

Meaningful Use, One Step Closer to Finalization

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The rules for Stage 3 meaningful use, and the potential modifications to Stage 2, moved one step closer to finalization last week when The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) handed them off to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on September 3rd. One significant change in this final rule would be the reduction of the 2015 reporting … Read More

A Non-Face-to-Face Chronic Care Management Solution, for Patients Too

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Let’s say I’m a diabetic recently diagnosed with cancer. In the last couple months, I’ve visited multiple clinics (endocrinology, radiology, nutrition, oncology, chronic wounds), plus the ER. As a Medicare beneficiary, my out-of-pocket costs are about $400 a month. Now, my oncologist offers to enroll me in her new Chronic Care Management program. I’m told that for a small addition … Read More

New Meaningful Use Stage 3 Proposed Rule Focuses on Advanced Use of Electronic Health Record Systems

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On Friday, March 30, 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced their proposed rule for Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use (MU) Incentive Program. The proposal was published in the Federal Register and is available online. CMS is accepting public comments on the proposal until May 29th. Meaningful Use Stage 3, the last stage of the Meaningful … Read More

Widespread Adoption of True Patient Engagement Involvement and Technology Still Needed

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The healthcare system in the U.S. has made notable progress in advancing patient-centeredness over the last several years. For example, more health consumers receive educational information at the appropriate level and they have greater access to their own electronic health records (EHRs) through online portals. In fact, health information technology (IT) has shown incredible promise in transforming care, improving clinical … Read More

How to Create a Meaningful Experience for Your Patients on the Portal

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Many healthcare professionals (HCPs) have made tremendous headway in incorporating electronic health records (EHRs) and patient portals into their practices to meet meaningful use requirements and facilitate patient engagement. Many patients also have been using patient portals. A recent survey from the National Partnership for Women & Families of 2,045 adults found that 86% of patients with online access to … Read More

Delay in Meaningful Use Stage 2? Not really.

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There has been confusion and questions circulating about the recent announcement regarding a new timeline for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and 3.   On December 6, 2013, CMS proposed a new timeline for Meaningful Use, extending Stage 2 for an additional year and delaying the start of Stage 3 to 2017.  Under the revised timeline, Stage 2 will be extended through … Read More

Patient Portals and Medication Adherence

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Patient Portals are becoming the cancer clinics “right arm” in supporting their efforts to regularly educate and communicate with their patients between clinic visits. With this new communication vehicle, there is an opportunity to improve medication adherence by communicating more regularly with patients and requesting that patients provide data back on when they take their medications.  This need has become … Read More

The Value of a Patient Portal: A Customer’s Perspective

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Patient Engagement is not just a new “buzz word” in healthcare, but its here to stay.  Healthcare providers do not need to look far to find examples.  HITECH Meaningful Use, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Patient Centered Medical Home, and Commission on Cancer standards are proof that patient engagement will be required in the new care model.  These new models are … Read More

Digital Technology and Brand Planning

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Many individuals consider “digital” a channel when it’s not – it is however, a capability that all communicators should have. Just about everyone in the US uses some sort of digital communication, with internet penetration around 80% of the population.  When you also consider that, worldwide, 34% of people are either under 14 or over 65, you realize that almost … Read More