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Our technology can both push and pull targeted information for maximum impact

What is different about Navigating Cancer?

As the leader in patient relationship management technology for cancer care we are uniquely positioned in the care model and we are passionate about transforming the way providers, payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other healthcare partners deliver patient care through the improved use of technology.

We consistently hear that patients feel more connected and cared for, and also place more trust in their care team and we have strong partnerships with cancer care providers, as it helps put in place a standardized process to manage high-risk patients that can be extended across one or multiple clinics. Over the years, our platform has helped over 1,600+ providers and touched over 1.7M patients. We’ve gotten great results in patient approval, engagement, medication adherence – and on the provider side, we’ve been able to demonstrate decreased cost and the ability to keep patients on therapy, longer.

So what does that mean for you?

  • For pharmaceutical manufacturers, our tools enable you to acquire and retain patients through targeted patient education and real time EMR and PROs data.
  • With a direct connection to the EMR, we have immediate access to patient diagnosis, test results, and prescribed therapies, which results in an opportunity to deliver targeted, timely branded and unbranded education.
  • We also have targeted EMR data to provide real time sales force alerts to impact treatment decisions.

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